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Power Lift Chairs- The Minimum Info to Set You up for Selection Process


The power lift chair is one great tool to get if you or your loved one is dealing with various mobility problems. It can help you go from a sitting position or sitting down without stressing your back. This type of chair assists you in sitting/rising with only a click of a button.

Anyone looking to get back their mobility and independence should use a power lift chair. If you’re struggling with back pain, this kind of chair is going to prevent the problem from aggravating. You can also maintain the spine healthy as you’re not using the pressure and high tension that you need when sitting down/standing up.

What’s the mechanism for power lift chairs?

mechanism for power lift chairs

Electric chairs are made for helping the user get up from the chair with reliable assistance. They’re straightforward to use. Most chairs come with the attached handset so that the user never loses the possibility of operating the chair in the easiest way possible.

Some chairs come with a special pocket so that you may tuck in the handset when not in use.

Briefly put, when the chair is raising you, you’re able to get on/off the chair from close to standing posture so that there is minimal to none use of your back throughout the process. Your spine isn’t going to bend, so there is no additional tension to worry about.

If your shoulders are weak or you don’t have any strength in your low hands and arms, you’re going to find the power lift chair a blessing in disguise.

What are the main advantages of power lift chairs?

Lift chairs are so high as they can improve one’s medical situation that arthritis, asthma, circulation issues, and back pain may cause. If you no longer afford the risk of pressure sores, you should consider buying this type of chair.

Let’s highlight some of the advantages of power lift chairs:

  • They elevate legs, which benefits the fluid reduction
  • They allow more efficient posture thanks to the several seating positions
  • They reduce the risk for shoulder fatigue
  • They allow better standing transfers which impact the wellbeing in the right way

There are plenty of studies that revealed that lift chairs help one improve muscular tone, but also reduce the risk for fatigue and skeletal joint degeneration.

Are there more kinds of lift chairs?

 kinds of lift chairs

You can go with two-position, three-position lift chairs, and infinite position lift chairs. You should do due diligence before selecting as each of them comes with ups and downs. We should give you a heads up as the infinite position lift chair is the ideal choice when you want to sit in it for hours and even get a good night sleep.

Is it possible to turn a recliner into a lift chair?

If you don’t have the budget for a lift chair just yet, you should look for a universal lift frame that is the right tool for converting the recliner into a lift chair.

There are several options, but you should look for the model that you place right under the recliner. As you activate it, it’s going to push the back of the recliner, which helps you stand up slowly.

This tool isn’t as expensive as a power lift chair, but you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of buying the real thing as soon as you can afford it.

Can you find lift chairs for renting?

If you’re still sitting on the fence about whether a power lift chair suits your needs or not, you can look for a rental. You should also consider paying a visit to someone using the power lift chair – it helps you make a clear idea about the whole thing.

Some medical supply stores may provide you some options for lift chair rentals so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Is the power lift chair an excellent choice for your situation?

Even though the power lift chair may benefit in many conditions, here are some of the most common ones:

  • You deal with muscular dystrophy or any other kind of neuromuscular disease
  • You’re struggling with acute arthritis in the knee or hip
  • Due to a specific condition, you cannot stand up. Unless you’re using the power lift chair, you would have to be confined in bed or chair
  • Your doctor prescribes you regular movements with the seat lift, improving your condition or at least stopping its progress.
  • You can control the seat lift on your own but have the equipment assist you when sitting/standing.

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