standard vs king size pillows vs queen pillow

Standard versus king size/queen pillow

Pillow sizes

If you don’t know which size of pillow you may need for best comfort during your sleep, maybe it’s time to gather some information. You may go with a Standard, Queen or a King-sized pillow so some info on each of them may come handy.

The little guide down below is going to make the choosing a lot easier so you don’t end up with a pillow that is too small or too big for your bed and needs.

The standard pillow size

standard vs king and queen pillowThis is the smallest size of pillow that you may get as a sleeping pillow and it’s only 20”x26”. Standard pillows make a great choice for the Twin or Double beds and two standard pillows are going go to make a perfect couple on a Double bed.

As for the pillowcases for the Standard pillows, don’t overstress it. Chances are you’re not going to be able to find Standard-sized pillowcases so you need to adjust. The market gives you pillowcases that are labelled a general Standard/Queen size so they’re designed to fit both Standard and Queen size pillows. Therefore, you’re going to notice a bit of a floppy overhang along the opening pillow, but the case itself is going to fit great.

The Queen sized pillow

Queen pillows are only a bit longer than Standard pillows, so they’re typically measuring 20”x30”. They’re designed especially for a Queen bed so displaying two of them is going to be simply perfect for a Queen bed.

Getting a Queen sized pillow is entirely up to you and there are many out there that really like the extra length of the Queen pillow, even if they have Twin or Double beds.

When it comes to the pillowcase, you have the same option as in the Standard pillow. You’re going to find the Standard/Queen sized pillowcase that is going to be a perfect match for your Queen sized pillow.

The King sized pillow

The King-sized pillows (as described by are definitely very long as they’re 20”x36” and your King-sized bed is going to look perfect with two side-by-side pillows of this size. King sized pillows aren’t for everybody and many avoid them because they’re quite long and not quite easy to manage during your sleep. They may even like better the Queen-size pillows on their King sized beds.

As King Size pillows are a bit more difficult to handle, some use them only for decorative purposes as they are the perfect choice for the King sized bed. You may, instead, use a Queen sleeping pillow or when reading in your bed during the day.

How to choose?

King pillows do have the perfect width to cover a Twin bed and look perfect on a King size bed too. You may, for instance, use a single King pillow on your Twin bed only for decoration or to add more support when you’re using a Standard pillow.

Standard pillows may be the most versatile size as they can offer comfort no matter the size of your bed. The King pillow look perfect on a King bed, but manage to be useful on a Twin bed as well.

As for the Queen pillows, they are great to use on both Twin and Double beds and work on a King bed too as they’re easier to handle than the King pillows.

Author: Janet